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A Guide to Planning Objections

When planning a construction project, be it a small extension or a new build home, there is a risk of objection or refusal. This can come from neighbours or the local council/planning authority. If someone objects to your work, it can cause stress, delays and money loss, so it is important to minimise the risk. With extensive experience in the design and build of loft conversions, house extensions and new builds, our team can help avoid objections to your project. Our house builders also offer advice on what to do if someone does object.

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Your neighbours have a right to object to construction work. Key reasons why they might do so include:

  • The new extension, house or alterations will shade their property or block their view
  • Work will take a long time, causing significant noise and disruption
  • New windows will overlook their property and affect privacy
  • Your project will negatively affect the price of their home

To help prevent issues with your neighbours in the Altrincham area, it is wise to involve them from the start. Our house builders recommend you share your ideas with them, be completely honest about design and build intentions and give them a chance to voice any concerns before starting work. This gives you a chance to resolve any problems before they become formal objections.

While your neighbours cannot stop you making lawful changes to your property, they can affect how and when works are carried out. If a neighbour objects to work, you can appeal or amend plans to address objections and re-submit the application.

Party Wall Agreements

You must tell your neighbours if you want to carry out work on or near a shared property boundary. This applies to many loft conversions and house extensions in Altrincham but can also apply to all other types of building work.

  • You must give your neighbour notice between 2 months and 1 year before starting building works
  • Notice needs to include what work you plan to do
  • Your neighbour can give written consent, refuse consent or serve counter notice requesting additional works
  • If you cannot reach an agreement, you must appoint a surveyor who will agree on a party wall award

Local Councils

When you submit a planning application in Altrincham, your local authority can either grant planning permission, grant permission subject to conditions, or refuse permission. If they refuse or impose conditions, they must give written reasons, which will revolve around whether your project fits with their development plan.

As experts in planning, design and build processes, our house builders can assist with planning issues, but as a brief overview, if your plans are refused, you can:

  • Submit another application with modified plans – this is free if you submit it within 12 months of the decision on your initial application, but discuss this option with your local authority first
  • Appeal to the Secretary of State
  • Appeal if the local authority does not issue a decision within 8 weeks
  • For planning applications relating to home development, such as rear house extensions or loft conversions involving roof alteration, appeals are dealt with through the householder appeals process, which is more streamlined and faster

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