New Builds, Loft Conversions and House Extensions in Sale
Our Builders’ Tips for Saving Money

If you have a tight budget for your project or simply want to save some pennies where you can, we are here to help. With over 100 years of combined experience in the construction industry, our house builders in the Sale area know a thing or two about minimising costs without compromising on quality. Whether you need advice for house extensions, loft conversions, renovations, or new builds, on this page are valuable tips you can apply to your project.

As a company providing a full design and build package, we have extensive knowledge of all aspects of construction. This allows us to provide money-saving advice for every stage of your project. Here are just some ideas:

Want vs Need

One of the key ways to keep control of your budget and avoid unnecessary spending is to determine what items/features are essential and which are just desirable. For example, house extensions must have a solid roof, but that roof lantern you have your eye on is not vital.

We advise our customers in the Northenden and Sale areas to pay, or allocate funds, for everything that is essential first. You can then see how much you have left to spend on the additional things you want but don’t need. If you find your budget does not allow for all the desirable aspects, you can always add these in the future.

Simple Design

Knowledgeable and honest house builders will tell you that simple designs are cheaper. Consequently, choosing basic shapes and lines for your extension or new build can save you a significant amount of money. Likewise, when it comes to loft conversions, the more complex the alteration, the more it will cost. The cheapest type of conversion requires no alteration to the roof.

As part of Ideal Construction’s design and build service in Sale and the surrounding areas, we work with a skilled architect to design suitable properties and spaces which maximise client budgets.

Reuse and Repurpose

Recycling materials and items can save a lot of money because you won’t have to fork out for brand-new options, plus you can reduce skip hire costs. Some ideas include:

  • House extensions often include a new kitchen, but if your old units and appliances are in good condition, why not reuse them?

  • If knocking down a building to make space for a self-build, see what materials you can salvage from the old property, such as bricks and roof tiles

  • When buying building materials, choose recycled options – this is great for the environment as well as your pocket

  • Repurpose old furniture into something new and hunt around for second-hand furnishings

Budget Options

When it comes to materials, appliances, fixtures and fittings, compare all your options. If saving money is important, opt for budget rather than high-end. Our house builders in Sale are happy to explore your options with you and recommend more affordable products which are still high-quality. We offer tailored advice at every design and build stage.

As an example, when building loft conversions, many homeowners automatically think of VELUX for windows because they are the most well-known manufacturer of roof windows. However, there are plenty of alternative and cheaper brands to choose from.

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